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Discover how everyone has the power to create beautiful images.

1 - Workshop "Forget technique, unleash your creativity". To help you to improve, we mostly work on photo composition and use of lighting.
Equipment: Smartphone, Tablets (Hipstamatic, Instagram) or your own camera.
Half-day. Paris. Marseille

2 - Workshop "Understanding technique, nurturing your creativity". To help you improve, we work on your technique and of course composition and the use of light. We create travel diaries.
Equipment: reflex or your own camera or even your smartphone, tablet...
2 to 5 day stays. France.

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We live in a world filled with images Most of us have not learned how to create  (powerful) images. I learn to see is here to teach you. We want to help you make photos and film images that tell the stories of your life. Serve you in your workplace, or in the course of your studies. […]